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“Throughout all of my interaction, professionally and educationally, Andy is a leader commanding a quiet respect with a reliable ethic. At Ithaca, I was most impressed with his ability to maneuver in a challenging academic environment while seeking out projects that gave him valuable experience. His accompaniment skills are excellent, as is his ability to work with a team.”

Adam Pelty
Broadway casts of The Scarlet Pimpernel, Titanic, Cyrano, and Steel Pier.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Andy Collopy as Musical Director for my last five productions. The reason I keep hiring him is because of the type of Musical Director he is. Andy looks at a production with a complete eye. He understands that the acting is just as important as the singing and that they should work together. When casting he looks for the complete package. In addition to that, he is a wonderful teacher. I feel the actors leave our productions a little more educated than they were when they started and I always attribute some of that to Andy’s work. Finally, the most important part of working with Andy is his attitude. He is kind, hard working and an absolute pleasure to be with.”

Adam Mace
Producing Artistic Director of Mount Carmel Theatre Company


“I had the pleasure to work with Andy while playing the role of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. With Andy as my music director, he was able to create an environment that made me feel comfortable to take risks both vocally and emotionally. He let me explore the role to find my own moments, while still giving me the instruction and encouragement that I needed to tackle the demanding part.”

Manny Simone
Performer, Teacher, Music Director


“Andy Collopy is one of the most talented pianists and musicians I have had the privilege of working with in the New York City area. Not only is he incredibly fun to work with, he is also very precise and musically competent. Whether it is coaching one-on-one or teaching in a choral setting, Andy is fully capable of teaching not only the notes and rhythms on the page, but also the musical and vocal styling of the particular genre of musical theatre. For such a young pianist, Andy is truly a gem.”

Nick Hardin


“After going through four accompanists in college, Andy was my last and by far the best I’ve ever worked with. Aside from being professional in his work ethic in terms of timeliness, communication skills and preparedness, Andy brings a wealth of knowledge to the table as a musician. Andy is a great collaborator and knows how to combine his skills and a singers’ skills to help bring a piece to life. Having seen hundreds if not thousands of lessons with a variety of amazing voice teachers working with a myriad of vocal challenges, Andy brings value to a rehearsal with his ability to coach a singer in terms of technique and text expression.”

Dave Grossman
Choral Director at Plymouth North High School